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Canal Archive: Bridging the Years

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About Bridging the Years

The Bridging the Years Project is the result of a partnership between Salford City Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, supported by the New Opportunities Fund.

The Project has used material from the following:

  • Trafford Local Studies Centre
  • Salford Local History Library
  • Salford City Archives, including:
    • The Frank Mullineux Collection - on deposit courtesy of Mrs E Mullineux
    • The Bridgewater Estates Archive - on deposit courtesy of Peel Holdings Plc.
  • Salford Museum and Art Gallery
  • Manchester Region Industrial Archaeology Society / The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

We have also been investigating external sources and have received valuable assistance from several organisations and individuals, including:

  • Greater Manchester County Record Office
  • The Manchester Ship Canal Company
  • Salford University Archive
  • The Boat Museum
  • The Waterways Trust

As well as other individuals too numerous to name. Our links page refers to some of the organisations listed above.

Explanatory Note

Manchester Docks was the official name given to the Docks at the terminus of the Manchester Ship Canal, the whole length of the Canal being referred to as the Port of Manchester. However, Docks No. 6 - 9 were also known as Salford Docks, due to their location in Salford, whilst Docks No. 1 - 4 were also called Pomona Docks.

Documents from Salford and Trafford