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Runcorn and Latchford Canal at Runcorn

Runcorn and Latchford Canal at Runcorn

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T1270. The Runcorn and Latchford Canal was fully opened in 1804. It was built by the Old Quay Company in order to improve the efficiency of the waterway, and fed into the River Mersey. The arrival of the Manchester Ship Canal saw much of the Canal swallowed up by the bigger Ship Canal. In this photograph the Runcorn and Latchford Canal can be seen in the foreground. On either side the ground is covered with building materials, ready for work on the Ship Canal. The impressive Runcorn Viaduct is visible in the distance.
ContributorMrs Elsie Mullineux
Creatorcorporatename - Manchester Ship Canal Company
Datecreation - Circa 1891
TypePhotographic prints - Contact sheets
Formatdimension.H - 127mm
dimension.W - 202mm
SourceSalford City Archive / The Frank Mullineux Collection
Relationderived from - Manchester Ship Canal Company Glass Plates
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Site of Old Quay Locks, Runcorn, Cheshire (O.S. Ref: 351250, 383250)
RightsManchester Ship Canal Company