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The Arrival of Westinghouse

Whilst such arrivals and developments must have been very pleasing for Marshall Stevens, a bigger boost to his plans was to come with the decision of Westinghouse, an American electrical company, to use Trafford Park for their British factory. Westinghouse was to be the largest employer on the Estate, acquiring two sites on the Park totalling 130 acres. Work on the construction of the factory site started in 1900.

At first progress was slow prompting the Company to employ a new contractor from the United States - James Stewart. Stewart was well known for his fast construction techniques and the pace of work increased rapidly. The number of staff employed on the job rose from an initial two hundred and fifty to two thousand and automatic tools were brought into use. By the finish of construction around eleven million bricks had been used.

A ceremony attended by the Lord Mayors of London and Manchester marked the laying of the foundation stone in August 1901, beneath which some coins of the time were buried. Production had commenced by 1902.

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British Westinghouse works under construction

British Westinghouse works under construction
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Workers of James Stewart & Co

Workers of James Stewart & Co
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